Thursday, October 30, 2008

Great News Those of You who loved the Purple and Grey Sweater that sold out so fast it is coming back and is on its way now!!

Down my blog there is a purple sweater that is really baggie and I am by a tree with jeans on and it was a hit. Pepole loved it for it being the most comfy sweater ever. Me and Katrina where it everyday. It was sold out in mins. and I got more in then it was gone again! So now it was sold out so we were so sad and thought I could not get them back in but now good news they are coming!! Already Sent out! Let me know if you want any thanks

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fun Clothes all the time tonight

Promo Party of what is going to be at J Chic boutique

Address 13061 South Canbury Cir about 1120 E. in Draper

New Inventory Coming Just for Party in Draper On Tues. 28th For Opening of J Chic Boutique. More New Jeans Just In!! Fit Great!

These are See Through soul Jeans and you all know I love love them so much!! They fit like no other and they are the most comfy jeans you ever did wear. They show no crack and that is a fact! They are divine so come get some tomorrow night in Draper! email me or call if you want to get the info or 801-949-5744

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ok ladies I had a fun idea...

My boutique will be opening up Dec. o8 and in the process of promoting it I want to hear and see more and more of you. so here is the deal:

Sign up to this blog on the right side of this blog and be a follower and you could be the lucky winner of a Pair of Killer Jeans, hats, bags, or cool jackets!!

I am loving this so please know at the end of each month until the store opens there will be one lucky winner each month!! Tell your friends to come subscribe today and be a crazy J chic junkie! I love it! Totally feels like a style day so fun!! So pass on the news and you could be the lucky one! I will be posting the winner each month on this web page wearing there new get up! Love you all.

New miss me and shirts more coming tomorrow! So fun