Monday, December 6, 2010

Just In Way cute rings and earrings perfect for that fun gift this season

 All these rings are so amazing. They are super unique and I am so happy to have such a great ring in that only cost $15 per ring and awesome bands and colors they come in. I think this ring is so dang cute and really the best present you can give.
 Look how amazing unique the bands are I just love them looks so rad on your finger.
 OK Ok the green is my fave love this band comes with orange or purple flower. I just love them and only $15.00 dollars. So cute for a friend this season or sister.

 This one is doing super well. It is so big and cute with the same band as all the others. only 18.00 dollars

 Cute Cute roses looks so cute on. ONly 15.00 like the rest of the rings and fits any size.

 Earrings I just love. Wear mine like everyday. Just a easy earring to put on. Goes with all and super light. only 12.00 bucks you must get these to share with others.

                                                     Earrings are only 12.00 bucks.

Catch me on TV tomorrow if you live in Utah on the Park City TV morning Show doing my Style thing.

Everyone who lives in Utah area catch me on TV tomorrow doing my style thing live. Learn what the hot thing is to buy this season you can't live without and great gift ideas for your lady that does not cost to much. So tune in and thanks again Park City TV for having me on again. We love your show.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My perfect sweater for the holidays and the best leggings ever Just in

 The worlds best sweater ever in life. So perfect for December weather and perfect with jeans leggings or just to hang around the house. Super comfy. Only 46.00 Dollars. Email me if you want one fast.

 Brand new Cargo Leggings come in this Army Green as in photo and in grey not in photo. Super comfy and fit really amazing on the legs. You will live in these. ONly 26.00 dollars and so amazing on .....

 The sweater is back it keeps selling out before I can get a pic of it up online but here it is so freaking cute thick knit sweater big wooden buttons and super amazing rad back. Baggy and fun. Only 44.00 dollars and must have for a love one.

Ummm my fave part ever the back so freaking cute you all must have to wear with everything you own.