Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wow What a night on the road we will be back in the store tomrrow morning ready to sale new stuff

We got tons of shipments tonight we will be taking photos in the morning and posting in the morning stay tunned these boxes were big...tons of new stuff. From Free People, William Rast, Fluxus, and much more. So please come visit in our store or online shopping at www.vintagefoxboutique.com

Bring a friend and save!

Vintage Fox is on the road tonight doing a HUGE open house

Come shop at Vintage Fox tonight in Murray, Utah. We will be there along with many other boutiques for a huge fun girls night of shopping!!!
Come find amazing tops, jeans, shoes and handbags! I have such great stuff in right now!

512 East Winchester (6600 South)


Monday, June 29, 2009

I heart this top

New Slit boyfriend that you must see in person this comes from the same line as the boyfriend pocket tee super super cute
This is the best shirt on this planet I might cry. Thanks to my new fave line I just want to kiss them for this one look at the front below even better
Love to be a American I can't wait to wear this one on the 4th I am going to love it even more all day long
Ummm jumping for joy on all my new Tees from my new fave line that can be seen all over the big mags hurry in the store or online at www.vintagefoxboutique.com

And for the BEST of all!!! Wildfox Couture is HERE!

Feather Tee as seen on Miley Cyrus! Love the way this tank top flows

Look at that amazing fit! You can wear it with another color tank in the back because it is a slit back.. Peek a Boo Back.

Feather Oversized Tee as seen on Vanessa Hudgens
And Ashley Tisdale
These top fits amazing! Look at the awesome sleeves!

Love this one! How cute is that! American flag with a heart! We are proud to be American's!

As Seen on Kristin Cavallari and Drew Barrymore

We have been waiting for these cute shirts and they haven't been able to leave our brains alone! After seeing these in the showroom we were dying over them and now they are here! These are seen all over the stars and are about the same price point as free people!

Stitch's Ex Boyfriend Jeans with Suspenders

Look how amazing the detail is on the pockets!

Ok I love these jeans! They have the cutest wash and the suspenders is such a fun flare! You will love wearing these! The blue really stands out in the color of these jeans!

Current Elliot Boyfriend Shirt

My cute 4th of July inspired outfit... So cute!
Love this top!! It fits amazing on and is sooo soft!

Last time I got these in the Railroad Stripe they sold out super fast! So when I saw this I had to bring in a few more. These are a timeless piece that you can have forever! Such a amazing top to wear with any shirt! Totally add's such a fashion flare to each piece you have on!

New Boyfriend Tee's are In!!!

Such a amazing fit on these! Super Flattering Tee
Boyfriend Pocket Tee's in Black and Gray (Elephant color)
Love this color it's amazing

Slit Neck Boyfriend Tee made out of the best material!

Also Comes in Black

Boyfriend Tee's are the MUST HAVE!!! Everywhere you look in magazines and in the press you will see these cute hollywood girls wearing them! I have found a affordable brand that carries the cutest boyfriend tee's! Come in asap to get one because everytime I get these in they go super fast! The main reason why is the price and the fit on these! AMAZING!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Star's Seen in the SIWY jeans that are in below

Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian in SIWY "Tempest" Jeans
Hillary Duff in SIWY "Snowstorm" Jeans
Ashley Tisdale in SIWY "Tempest" Jean
Megan Fox in SIWY "Snowstorm" Jeans
Ashley Tisdale in SIWY "Snowstorm" Jean
Seen again on Ashley Tisdale

Ok these are the best fitting jean! I can go ahead and say they are up there with the current elliots! Such a amazing denim line!

The New Trend in Jeans and we got them and these fit like super soft Fall in love with us

We got so many different styles of this amazing new jean line and really want to share the trend and new line with you. These ones are ripped up and I folded them but you don't need to just raining out side plus thought it looked super cute
Here is a beautful pair that are more clean style for those of you that feel like you don't want that ripped up look but still want the hot fit of these amazing jeans here you are and the back is the best
ummm can you say there is a cutier fit .....ummmm no this is it we love you new line
O and yes the rainbow is real rained that day and this beautiful photo's were snapped just perfect like these jeans. hhaaa