Monday, March 30, 2009

New William Rast Skinny's Just in and they are hot jeans

An Amazing Fit!! I love love them!!
Love the detail so so hot

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Jewelery! Here are a few pieces but I have so many differant necklaces I couldn't take pictures of all of them! today was just too busy!!!

So many fun pieces are in! All really great pricing! So come in and Check it out this week!
All of these are 1 necklace! So fun to have all these strands and only have to wear 1 necklace to get the look you want.
These pearls are such pretty colors! They match with everything!

This fun Rhinestone Vest Sweater is a Cute number to wear to spice up your tank tops
This is such a fun necklace! The back is a chain clasp so it all stays together.

I love these chunky chain necklaces!
This is such a pretty chain necklace! Totally Funky and Cute.

Love these! You will get so many compliments with this necklace! It is truly breathtaking in person!

This is another one like the top one but more dramatic .. I love them!
Hard to see but I got in a cute silver chain necklace too! To see it make the picture big and check it out.
Lots of fun necklaces in that you can wear everyday! for 15.00 or less!!!!! Makes a great Mothers Day or Easter Gift!
My Peace rings are back in! The bands are elastic so they fit any finger.
Pretty orange necklace that will look great in the summer with your tan skin!

New Tank Tops!!!

Here is a really cute gray stripped tank to with a fun looking back!
This is such a pretty lavender purple colored tank top!! Love it and so does everyone who has seen it so far!!!
Love the detail on the back.

The MAXI dress!!!! 2 Styles to Choose From for 40 bucks and 44 bucks each! Can't beat that price for a MAXI dress that looks like these!!!!!

Cute Ruffle at Chest! So cute on!
Love the braided straps on the back! so cute!

And for a layered look this will look great with a cute blazer jacket. I sell this one at my store right now.

Here is the other style of the maxi dress I got in.. This one is only 40 BUCKS!!!
These are so Comfortable to wear all Summer Long and they are so pretty! These are super feminine!!!!

I got in 2 super hot maxi dresses!! If you don't know what a maxi dress is look down and you will recognize them right away! they are super great for summer and have been seen everywhere in LA on all the star's in the summer and on all the girls of Cali! This dress would be amazing to wear to the beach or pool over your swimsuit! They are such pretty dresses with bright fun prints!

A Ton of New Inventory!

All my new Stuff!! posting it all night long!
I love the orange and gray together! Super cute color combo and the magazines have all said it is the new combo of colors to wear together for spring!

This cardigan is such a great piece to own! It is super light weight! The most light weight comfortable cardigan you will own! It is so cute in person! It is for sure one of my favorite things I have gotten in!

I love the color on this top! It is the really pretty pinkish purple blush color. It is such a pretty color on everyone! super feminine and flattering top!

This is really a timeless piece that you can have forever! It is perfect for layering over sleeveless tops. This has such a beautiful material to it and a perfect color that matches with so many things!

this is a fun outfit with the gray top and red leggings. It is super comfy and will feel great all spring and summer long.

I love this sweater dress! It is so cute in person! A lot of the magazines have said to wear orange and gray together so when I saw this I had to get it! Super cute outfit!

Ok bare with me because I have a ton of new pictures to post! I just got from L.A. and got some way cute stuff! Here is the stuff I was able to bring home and so much more is coming! It was a little overwhelming to see all of this amazing stuff and have to limit it down to what would work out best. But I feel like I did a pretty good job and it is going to all look amazing! The stuff I brought home with me is all such amazing prices!!! I am so happy with the selection I have.