Wednesday, November 26, 2008

some of my new Fave Jeans That are so unqiue and a must have!

Keysha Bought these Killer Jeans today and need I say more you looked so hot in these I love them!
Such a more amazing fit on you and you looked so good! I love this Line!
Thanks keysha for coming to the styling party and really you looked so great in all the jeans you got but this is my fave! Thanks again for letting me take your photo you looked great!

New inventory Just in and The Fun Styling We had At J chic Today and who bought what! Are top faves!

I mean really this can be worn so many different ways you have like 5 styles in one! Need I say more you would be so chic in this and would be so great for the airplane rides! A must have this season! Thick and warm
My fave way I love this wrap!
The back of my fave wrap! A great Christmas Present !!
Just staying simple and warm
One of my other fave ways to wear this one I love the back! Really this is one of those outfits everyone says I love that wear did you buy it?? It is really such a killer find!

Great New Inventory and We Had a fun new Styling Party Where all the girls were styled and we all had fun dressing up in some of our new Faves !

Katrina is Rocking the new killer Skirt on that I just got in Today at 4pm and already half gone! This so so so great with leggings under it or with nothing at all worn on the legs! With some heels you will be the talk of your christmas party in a good way! Good purchase today ladies! So killer on! Olya you looked amazing it as well. Loved it! Under $35 tell your hubbys what you want for Christmas is a J chic Gift Certificate! Email me!
Katrina is also rocking the Black killer, very unique top with the beeds that are on the back of the shirt that says hello!! I am different and amazing! Love this together.
Ok my most fave dress ever! Love this dress Just rocked it at church on Sunday with some killer leggings and tall boots that were flat! And yes ladies it was long enough for church. Don't think I would be rocking some non mormon thing at church! I made it work and it was freakin hot! Love it
The Detail in this dress was so Great! At the bottom you can't see it but it is layered. A must see in person.
Thanks Erin you looked very amazing in it! So hot on you with those killer shoes!

Great New Inventory and We Had a fun new Styling Party Where all the girls were styled and we all had fun dressing up in some of our new Faves !

This new Yag sweatshirt so so so cute on. Katrina has it on with some J Chic Leggings So great to hang out for the holidays in or when your cooking all day! Love it! Only one left after today but a New color coming next week!
Really these Jeans are killer on!
This is the back of this amazing thermal and these jeans are so amazing on. Julie Love all your jeans you got today! You have been Chic! Love it
These Thermals are all fun and so comfortable on and only $22-28 dollars! Your everyday Shirt!

These are all some major must have's for the holiday season! There was just too much fun to blog but thanks girls for having some fun shopping today with me!

Friday, November 21, 2008

More New Jeans and an amazing coat! I am crying right now it is so killer on! People have already bought half of them call now if you want me to hold

These Jeans and Coat say hello winter I am here and hot!

I love these jeans they are killer on I am loving these ones!

New Jeans and they are so amazing killer on! Hot new coat and vest more to blog later tonight stay tunned!

The awesome hood looks so different and is over sized!
Wear it down for a more hang out inside the house look!
Wear the collar up and you are staying even more warm and look sexy!
The Fronts with the three buttons make you look smaller! I love it!
So cool brown leather that looks so cool in person I am in love! So different!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New inventory Just in Ran out of time to blog all but more to come! This is one of my faves looks killer on and flows nice! People were loving it !

This Skirt and Bat wing new shirt is killer I am in love!! My fave out fit ever! so funky and fun!

Look J CHic and Urban Outfitters Think Alike!! But I am a lot better priced! So HOt on! Still Two left !

This was on the urban outfitters website!! The same as I carry So rad! Two left at J Chic boutique and cheaper. At urban it was 98.00! Not here! email me if you want me to hold you one! Thanks

Monday, November 17, 2008

These Tops are so Flowy and Fun.! They can be dressed up or down for any ocassion. Amazing Pricing too!

New Jeans in Dark ones are in this Winter LIne. YOu must have grey or black Jeans!

These Are Amazing on and they make your butt look so cute with rhinestones! They are a must Have!

I love this wash in the MEK's! They are perfect for winter time and you can wear any color with this wash. Pink,Red,Purple, what ever color don't be afraid to be bold and different this winter and step out of the blue Jeans for a wash that will make you look skinny and different.

New Inventory Just in this Week and More coming Tomorrow!! So Amazing Fun Stuff!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Answer Everyone Question On My Private Styling Services!

Jen Helping you as your Personal Stylist Consultant
& shopper!! Fashion advice 911 anytime!

So as you know that celebrity's have stylist and you think, Wow! There is no way I could have one? but deep down you are saying, so fun right? You wish you could have someone there to help you get ready for that date or that special Christmas Party! Well you can!

I have now been helping out a ton of cute clients that have a special event, and I help them buy what they need and put it together all the way down to their make up color they need to apply. I have contacts if need be for a personal hair and make up to come with me to your home!

Not only do stylist help you get dressed in what is right not wrong...They help people Organize their closets create a wardrobe and find their personal style!

There is a flat low fee to have someone help you clean out that closet, and get what needs to be timeless and your very bbf! This wardrobe dose not always need to be expensive just practical, so you don't feel like wait??....Why do I not have a pair of skinny jeans for my brand new boots??

They are a must have and I have explained why in the right hand column! No more fat ankles if we don't need to have that mess going on! NO more trying to tuck in those wide leg Jeans in your sweater boots or uggs if they don't need to be.

Don't be left not finding your style. I don't care if you want to spend every dime on those babies I have four kids I know how it is, but look! You need to take care of yourself a bit because those kids will only want to be as beautiful as their mommy's! or dad right? I say this because my designer husband spends more time on his hair than me! I am funny!

So hope this answers most of your questions. I know a lot of you want to know what is going to happen with being styled privately in my home? I know you love to get dressed when there is not a million people around begging you to try on jeans you don't want to! So let me know if J Chic Boutique and style services can help you!

Any Questions on what you need to wear? I am happy to answer all your 911 fashion questions anytime! Just email them to Don't Forget to sign up as a J chic junkie follwer to win a free item each month and I will be letting you know about the newest fashion trends so Utah will not be left behind on fashion anymore!

Hope to hear from you soon..and on that final note please burn all your denim dress jump suits for me!! You will be blessed.