Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Answer Everyone Question On My Private Styling Services!

Jen Helping you as your Personal Stylist Consultant
& shopper!! Fashion advice 911 anytime!

So as you know that celebrity's have stylist and you think, Wow! There is no way I could have one? but deep down you are saying, so fun right? You wish you could have someone there to help you get ready for that date or that special Christmas Party! Well you can!

I have now been helping out a ton of cute clients that have a special event, and I help them buy what they need and put it together all the way down to their make up color they need to apply. I have contacts if need be for a personal hair and make up to come with me to your home!

Not only do stylist help you get dressed in what is right not wrong...They help people Organize their closets create a wardrobe and find their personal style!

There is a flat low fee to have someone help you clean out that closet, and get what needs to be timeless and your very bbf! This wardrobe dose not always need to be expensive just practical, so you don't feel like wait??....Why do I not have a pair of skinny jeans for my brand new boots??

They are a must have and I have explained why in the right hand column! No more fat ankles if we don't need to have that mess going on! NO more trying to tuck in those wide leg Jeans in your sweater boots or uggs if they don't need to be.

Don't be left not finding your style. I don't care if you want to spend every dime on those babies I have four kids I know how it is, but look! You need to take care of yourself a bit because those kids will only want to be as beautiful as their mommy's! or dad right? I say this because my designer husband spends more time on his hair than me! I am funny!

So hope this answers most of your questions. I know a lot of you want to know what is going to happen with being styled privately in my home? I know you love to get dressed when there is not a million people around begging you to try on jeans you don't want to! So let me know if J Chic Boutique and style services can help you!

Any Questions on what you need to wear? I am happy to answer all your 911 fashion questions anytime! Just email them to Don't Forget to sign up as a J chic junkie follwer to win a free item each month and I will be letting you know about the newest fashion trends so Utah will not be left behind on fashion anymore!

Hope to hear from you soon..and on that final note please burn all your denim dress jump suits for me!! You will be blessed.



katie t said...

i love you!

katie t said...

ok one more the address for tongight still the same? i will be in slc so i want to stop by. will you have you cell so i can call you if i need help and long sleave t's are my thing and a pair of dark-skinny jeans :)

Nick, Kristi, Masyn and Zain said...

I miss you my dear old BFF! It sounds like things are going great for you, your family, and clothing line. Congrats!! I would love to get together sometime. Let me know if you are ever in my neck of the woods. Miss you lots! XOXO