Thursday, November 6, 2008

Keeping Up With J Chic this Week

Ok Ladies the black boots are doing well only have 5 pairs left. Call me to see if I have your size people are loving them they are great for fall over those jeans! Also The brown boots will be pushed back until Tues. of next week. Sorry they just called me today.

Also Please hurry and tell your friends to sign up under the followers on the right because I am pulling a name to win a free item! So Hurry and get that name in so fun!

One more thing I got a ton of new items in and will be blogging them tomorrow night so stay tuned. Gift Certificates will be available Next week to buy so make sure J Chic Boutique is on your list!

Thanks again Ladies see you all soon.



The Greenwood's said...

i would love to get a pair of the black boots!! and the jeans! please e-mail me at with you number!!! thanks

J Chic Clothing Boutique & Designs said...

sounds great I will be emailing you thanks

Tiff and Rand said...

Where can I get the info and pricing on all this fun stuff! Please email me at Thanks!!!