Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some New Jeans That will blow your mind!

Well Ladies you asked and I purchased inseam 35" is here today!! very nice wash very clean and good fit you will love these for winter they are a perfect match for each other!
Cute and simple design on the back. Love it!
Ok The New Miss Me's have arrived and they are so hot on. I am in Love!! I want to wear them all day long. the detail on it is so nice! The Flaps are huge on them I really am in love

Enjoy them they all rock the house!


shantel reitz said...


will you hold me a pair of the Miss me's in a 29?? And do you have a show on Friday or Saturday I could swing to and try them on?? I can't make the one tomorrow...

It's Miller Time said...

Would you hold a pair of miss me's in a 28. How do I connect with you to get them? Let me know!

Christina Miller