Sunday, November 2, 2008

Coming up this week at J Chic Boutique!....there is new items just in and tall socks and boots will be here by Tues. and more too come...

Ok So up this week at J Chic boutique is a new Jean line I found that I love. Also new hoods and zip ups! New Bags and Tall socks and Boots. So fun for fall you will not be able to live in winter without them! They will be your best Friend. Also On Friday the winner of the J Chic Junkies will be announced! They will win A free J chic item! I will post the winner on Saturday Morning so fun! So get all your girl Friends to sign up and stay in touch and in fashion with J Chic!

By the way just a note to self there is a Chic Boutique THAT IS NOT ME!! People have been getting a bit confused and just to let you know that is not me! Different boutique and has nothing to do with me and if you want to stay on top of high style then stay with me for sure!

Thanks for loving fashion as much as me!

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