Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vigoss Jeans Has Arrived and They are Hot!! Skinny Jeans are rocking right now ......

Here are the photos you wanted of the new Vigoss Jeans going fast already sold 5 today. Call me!!

Sorry my husband is not a great photo boy. Will post better ones in the morning. only 45.00 Call me going fast today!! glasses still only $8!!

Here are the photos you wanted of the new Vigoss Jeans going fast already sold 5 today. Call me!!

Hey ladies good fit and fun to wear with some flats or high heels, If your not reaching the height you want. They are going fast!! Really comfortable and fun to wear with long shirts and great for the winter so our boots can just fit perfect over them!! My favorite. email me your size, they go all the way from 0-14!! They stretch and so you want to buy them tight. See you soon.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vigoss Jeans Has Arrived and They are Hot!! Skinny Jeans are rocking right now ......

Their Here And Their Vigoss!! So cute on with some flats or The High High Shoes!! Wow Hot!

I have sizes 0-13 and they fit so comfortable. As You can See that is a trend with me. Email me if you want me to hold your size! Thanks! Pass the info on they Retail For $46.00 And they are so cute on.

I have been waiting for these cute Jeans for under $50 bucks! That rocks Right? So Call me and if you are not into skinny Jeans I have some coming that are straight and boot cut. Stayed tuned...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lost Some photos of other Styles I will take more photos but for now here is the photos I have of the Hottest Jeans.

New Arrivel of the Hottest Jeans!! STS sold out of tons of sizes Already. If you are a 28/29/30/31 I still have sizes for you! More to come next week!

Thanks to all my cute friends who love the STS Jeans I just got in! They fit like no other pair of Jeans. The biggest thing is they say they are confortable and they show NO BUM CRACK!! They are the type of Jean you would wear everyday! They Rock. Thanks too shana who was the first over and got first pick she helped with the photos. I did not even get a pair and if you know me it broke my heart. So I called in another order to arrive next week. So if you are a 25/26/27/28 they will come next week. Anyways the shorts are to die for and the Jeans. Check them out! Email me with your size and I can pull them from the next order and hold them for you. Also I if you are or know anyone who is a 28/29/30/31 let me know. I still have some of them now in stock. THanks again to all for your feed back, because when you start a business you want to know what is fitting the best!! More to come.

Sunglasses are only $8 and they also are going way Fast. Could not blog all the styles and colors there are just two many....see you soon.

Monday, June 16, 2008

More Clothes coming this week and Sunglasses for $8.

Just The Sunglass are $8 bucks! They are way cute. I got so many different styles and colors. If you know me I always have about 4 pair just in my bag. Got have awesome sunglasses. I always spend a lot of money of my Jeans and any denim because they just have to fit right cheap denim is like terrible! But sunglasses if your a mom like me you can't spend a ton on because your kids break them in 2 everyday that is why I come prepared and carry 4! You got have something your baby's can play with while your at target or where ever. Keeps em quiet. Well I will post them when they come you all will die! They rock the house.

See you soon and pass the word for the Miss Me items. I still have some sizes left.

Call me if you want any. thanks

Have a great week and remember to feel good Today on how you look.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sizes are going Fast!!

These Miss Me pants are hot. I only have 1 pair or 27 and 26 left. So please let me know ASAP if you want to try them on. They are really perfect for summer and they make your butt look Hot!! Call me or email me soon. 801-949-5744



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New items in

new items in

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Start of a long awaited Dream!!

So here is my new blog for my clothing line business. I have always loved clothes and putting together colors and fabrics that does'nt make sense to some but others they get it!! I have always wanted to do this and my heart was pounding on the flight over back home to good O cali!! Got to see some good old Friends who look great and got to start hopefully something that will last a life time. I feel so nervous but so happy. As you all know I love to design clothes and have started my own childrens line called Sillee Lillee and Sorree Charlee! Still working in production with a great company in New York. I am starting a boutique in Augest in S. Jordan and Dave is designing the whole thing. Super Happy and I brought in some other lines in the mean time and they will be coming everyday so I will post them and please past this blog on to everyone and join on to the blog so you can be alerted when I post new postings...please please past this blog on and hopefully if you need any help putting things together or your not sure what you can put with this or that just ask because that is what I love to do.

Please never Say, I could never wear that!! You can! just like you all could run a 1400 mile race. I know that sounds crazy but if we do it and feel good in it then everyone will say the same thing to you. YOu ARE ALL HOT!!