Monday, June 29, 2009

And for the BEST of all!!! Wildfox Couture is HERE!

Feather Tee as seen on Miley Cyrus! Love the way this tank top flows

Look at that amazing fit! You can wear it with another color tank in the back because it is a slit back.. Peek a Boo Back.

Feather Oversized Tee as seen on Vanessa Hudgens
And Ashley Tisdale
These top fits amazing! Look at the awesome sleeves!

Love this one! How cute is that! American flag with a heart! We are proud to be American's!

As Seen on Kristin Cavallari and Drew Barrymore

We have been waiting for these cute shirts and they haven't been able to leave our brains alone! After seeing these in the showroom we were dying over them and now they are here! These are seen all over the stars and are about the same price point as free people!

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