Thursday, December 2, 2010

My perfect sweater for the holidays and the best leggings ever Just in

 The worlds best sweater ever in life. So perfect for December weather and perfect with jeans leggings or just to hang around the house. Super comfy. Only 46.00 Dollars. Email me if you want one fast.

 Brand new Cargo Leggings come in this Army Green as in photo and in grey not in photo. Super comfy and fit really amazing on the legs. You will live in these. ONly 26.00 dollars and so amazing on .....

 The sweater is back it keeps selling out before I can get a pic of it up online but here it is so freaking cute thick knit sweater big wooden buttons and super amazing rad back. Baggy and fun. Only 44.00 dollars and must have for a love one.

Ummm my fave part ever the back so freaking cute you all must have to wear with everything you own.

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