Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Weekend And Just in the new vintage Hems that our amazing !!

K really these are the most amazing slips better photos tomorrow but I got these tonight and I must say I am in love so so much!! They are to give you length in your dresses you feel our too short and need the cutest drop out for more skirt! Plus get creative with these they can be used on there own to if done right. I will post more ways to wear this tomorrow evening so super hot I had to have each color! Hurry in these go fast!
Comes in Cream and Black too

Wear with your long flowy tank tops or you dresses or over sized T shirt these are amazing !!


CrazyCarlsons said...

Do you still have these, or the tulle slips? If much and where can I get them?!?

Jennie Carlson

Elaine said...

Love Vintage Hem! They are so creative and can make any skirt or dress look so much better!