Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Us in styling and retial live in the season ahead so we get super happy for what is around the corner and here it is Fall jeffery shoe and more to com

These our some of our new fall shoes super cute navy classic shoe for only 35 bucks crazy cheap and super cute a real find and must have go to www.vintagefoxboutique.com to get some today!
Love this look and the tie so dang cute
ummmm ok these are the Jeffery Campbell. His work of art on our feet makes me just die. Loving the teal ruffle on toe and the ruffle on heel....I mean this is just un real mostly because they have a tiny two inch perfect all day heel and the leather melts around your feet making it like impossible to take off your little foot everynight. They fit true to size and will sell fast hurry go online at www.vintagefoxboutique.com to get yours today or come on in to our little boutique

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