Monday, December 1, 2008

Socks and Tights Came and then Went Way Fast So everyone who was way Sad they are back! Have some more leg warmers you can wear with your boots!

Love this, it is a leg warmer you can wear as is or put inside out and over your boot to make it a sweater boot is you get borad. You know I love to change things up and this seem to be a hit 3 weeks ago when I brought it in and it flew off the shelves. So get it soon email me to hold anything. thanks
You can wear over heels as well super cute for spring!
Love Love Love this look the most. People ask me about this look all the time and it rocks in person! Super cute
You can button all the way or leave un buttoned for a different look
OR leave it folded only a bit up top to give your boot a longer look! Have fun with it show what you can do!

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