Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sorry For The Delay On Photos My Son's 8th B Day And he my Baby So got to represent...but finally here they all Are... I am in Love!!!

Ok Ladies all 3 new styles are so different and so cute. Ok my fave jeans by far are the vintage style Plastics they are so hot. and the Miss Me fat white stitching are to die For!! Plus the amazing #1 seller for miss me right now the fun color pocket design they fit like a glove...don't miss out on them they are going fast and you need them for fall time people will want to look like you !! for sure!! Enjoy ladies...Party Wed...5-8:30pm! Saturday Party in herriman 1-4pm they everywhere so don't worry you will get to see them! Great prices too. All under $90!! What??? That is killer for the feel and fit...email me your size and I will hold some for you..see you all soon and again thanks for waiting...


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