Sunday, January 4, 2009

Big Big News!! J Chic Boutique now open!

This is so big I have been working night and day with no sleep what so ever...on this and Can't wait for it to all fall in to place this week. I have new lines coming in all week from wonderful designers! Some fun things. Our official Open House will be at the end of Jan. so we can all get settled and things because it is a huge place! Please pass the word around town and if you email me your address I am sending out Grand Opening Coupons!! Please Pass the word on and remember always to feel stylish!

J chic Boutique now located in the store front of SoJo in S. Jordan Utah!!
1098 W. So. Jordan Parkway
S. Jordan
hours are Monday: 10-5pm
Tues.-Friday: 9-6pm
Sat.: 9-7pm This may change because I am working on it with the receptionist.

Party's ?? Style Party please email me at for more info.

Can't Wait to see all of you there! Really it is worth coming to see!

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katie t said...

we will for sure be there and i need to talk to you tomorrow anyways so that i can pickup my shirts :)
love ya and am so excited for ya! this will be awesome and anything that i can do to help...just give me the go ahead! for sure!