Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finally Come one come all Please come out and support and come see this amazing fun J CHic Boutique and SoJo Spa Yeah!

Please Come Check it out! J Chic Boutique so cute and fun! Something for everyone and so many new fun lines! So So fun come to 1098 W. S. Jordan Parkway in S. Jordan off of 10600 South.....bring friends this place rocks!
My mom helping me at 6:00am working hard to get things organized! Thanks Mom and My other Mother in Law your amazing for all what you have done by taking care of my most amazing Children while I have been working straight through the night.
My Pink Roses Fresh flowers and all my cute new coupons and business cards up front So cute!
Store getting ready for opening Lots more work!
Opening Day I could not sleep I kept thinking how much more work I needed to get done so I woke up at 3:00am and left for walmart to get some extra items like myself some good job Jen Pink Roses. The Day was so fun and now it is 1:00am and I just got home talk about having your own business and never stopping. Pretty morning sunset though!

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